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WritePal Global

You shouldn’t have to be a large corporation to fund growth.

A lack of funding is one of the biggest reasons small businesses fail. Since 2012, WritePal Global has helped companies engage insider secrets to raising capital.

We help companies compete by creating the right pitch, getting to the right people, and packaging your offer the right way so you can land your own million dollars deal, no matter which sharks you are pitching.

Our performance has resulted in high-profile attention. WritePal has won awards as a  Clutch 2022 Top 50 Small Business Consulting Firm, a Clutch 2022 Top 5 Financial Planning Firm,Clutch 2022 Top 10 Financial Services Firm, and a Manifest Top 3 Financial Firm.

Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t have to Miss Opportunities Due to a Lack of Capital

At WritePal we know that you want the capital to fund your dreams. In order to do that, you need a clear business plan and pitch deck. The problem is you are overwhelmed with business tasks, which makes you feel stressed out about not capitalizing on opportunities. We understand how that feels, which is why we write business plans and pitch decks that attract the attentions of investors.

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So, click "Schedule a Consultation" above to get started. And in the meantime, sign up for our free PDF that will tell you what you should avoid when seeking funding from investors. So you can stop worrying about lacking capital and instead become the business leader you’ve always wanted.

It shouldn't have to be difficult finding the funding you need to spawn growth.

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Hire an Experienced Business

PlanConsultant to Write My Business Plan

Interested in increasing your income, growing your clientele, elevating your employees, and improving your overall performance? Feeling overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin? Let our expert business plan writers at WritePal Global business plan writing services handle all ofthe planning. We'll walk you through your journey to success and show you how to run your business from top to bottom with our business plans. If you're interested in starting a new business, improving an existing one, getting a loan, obtaining funds, or pitching your ideas to investors, our business plan consultants and business plan writers have you covered!

A well-written business plan is a key to the smooth and efficient running of your business. Get yours now from our business plan writers and be able to sleep soundly at night knowing your business is in good hands.

How do you know you actually need a business plan?

  • • Are you seeking a loan?
  • • Looking for funding?
  • • Are you estimating budget and startup costs?
  • • Are you overwhelmed by the requirements your business needs?
  • • Are you trying to attract investors?
  • • Do you want to grow your income?

The custom business plan writing services offered by WritePal Global include a broad range of writing assistance for your professional and business needs. If you need a business plan writer to write, revise, or rewrite your business plan, we can help. Many folks lack the time to do the research or may not have the writing abilities necessary to create the ideal business plan. Using our business plan writing services, you will complete your project on time and relieve unneeded tension while delivering top quality business plans that will meet your professional goals and help to secure the funding you need. You may contact your business plan consultant or business plan writer at any time, and you can rely on us to maintain complete privacy with relation to any of our business plan writing services.

Our business plan consultants and business plan writers can assist with a wide variety of business plans including, but not limited tobusiness plans for investors, bank/SBA business plans, strategic/operational plans, landlord/rental property business plans, immigration business plans, franchise business plans and grant proposals.Ourbusiness plan consultants and business plan writers have several years of professional writing and editing expertise. They are also all US-based and native English speakers.

What is a Business Plan?

As firms launch and expand through stages of success, business plans serve as a roadmap for owners, managers, and investors. A business plan is typically written by a current or prospective business owner to outline each area of their operation and to set goals for future expansion. Entrepreneurs and business owners create a company strategy to direct management and encourage and grow investment capital.A business plan is typically a formal document containing the goals of a business, methods for attaining those goals, and the timeframe for the achievement of the goals. A business plan is a roadmap for how to structure, run, and grow your business.

Business plans can help you get funding or bring on new business partners. Investors want to feel confident they’ll see a return on their investment, a well-crafted business plan helps to convince people that working with you or investing in your company is a smart choice.

Although business plans can vary in content and structure, some key components of a good business plan may include:

  • • Executive Summary
  • • Company Description
  • • Market Analysis
  • • Organization and Management
  • • Service and Product Line
  • • Sales and Marketing
  • • Funding Request
  • • Financial Projections, Revenue Streams
  • • Key Partnerships, Activities and Resources
  • • Value Propositions
  • • Customer Relationships and Segments
  • • Appendix

You can’t have a successful business without a well-thought-out business plan. Business plans encompass everything from financial planning to product pitches and mentoring, and our business plan writers do it all. Our expert business plan consultants will work with you to determine the type of business plan that best meets your needs.

Types of Business Plans

The following includes some of the types of business plans we offer at WritePal Global. This is not a definitive list, and we are open to discussing options for customizing a business plan to meet your particular needs.

Business Plan for Investors

Business plans for investors looks at planning from the perspective of prospective investors. The predicted return on investment (ROI), the caliber of the company's leadership, the sustainability of the business's idea and product or service offerings, and the anticipated use of financing are all highlighted in these plans. Finding and obtaining capital for small businesses involves making many different decisions. Having the correct type of business plan is one of the best ways you can improve your chances of getting funded. The Investor Business Plan from WritePal Global is the best option if you're wanting to correctly document your concept in order togenerate funds through equity investment from venture capitalists (VCs), private investors or angel investors.

Business plans for investors are perfect for:

  • • Expanding businesses that can demonstrate their ROI.
  • • Existing company owners seeking funding for a new project.
  • • Equity Financing or Partnerships.
  • • Startup or early-stage businesses with a compelling product or concept.

Bank/SBA Business Plan

A Bank/SBA business plan includes all the information a bank loan officer would need to examine prior to approving funding. This business planfocuses the experience of the firm leadership and ensuring properly prepared financials designed to demonstrate the potential to successfully repay a bank loan. They also include a clear, concise summary of the planned product and service offerings of the company. These bank-ready business plans put an emphasis on organized and transparent financials, and your company's capabilities.

A Bank/SBA business plan is a great tool for:

  • • Startups seeking startup company loans to obtain secure and reliable funding.
  • • A bank or term loan or business line of credit
  • • Debt financing
  • • SBA lending programs
  • • Expanding companies that have an existing financial/banking relationship.
  • • Existing company owners seeking funding for a new project.

Strategic/Operational Business Plan

A strategic or operational business plan lays out the overall strategy for the organization and offers a high-level perspective of the objectives and methods for achieving them, providing a foundation plan for the company.While a strategic plan's format varies from business to business, the majority of them have the following five components relating to business operations: a corporate vision, mission statement, list of crucial success criteria, strategies for accomplishing goals, and a timeline for execution. A strategic business plan unifies the various levels of the organization and motivates staff to collaborate to achieve the company's objectives.For the upcoming year, a strategic/operations business plan outlines implementation milestones and due dates. Employee responsibilities are also outlined in the operations plan.

Immigration Business Plan

Business plans that are a required part of the visa application process must demonstrate that applicants have the necessary skills, background, experience, and resources to successfully start and grow a business that provides real products and services and employs American workers.

All immigration plans consist of essential elements that highlight the companies’ operations, financials, and procedures. Our writers are experts in writing business plans for visas such as E-1 Treaty Trader visas, H-1B visas, O1 visas, EB-1 visas, EB-2 visas, and Green Card visas and we will ensure that the content is well researched and tailored to fit the particular visa requirements to help you get approved.

Franchise Business Plan

With a franchise business plan, new enterprises should outline the procedures necessary to launch the new franchise. The firm, the product or service your business will offer, market analyses, and your anticipated management team are often included in this document. A financial analysis with spreadsheets outlining financial areas such as, but not limited to, income, profit, and cash flow estimates will also be needed for potential investors.

Grant Proposal

A grant proposal or application is a document or set of documents that is submitted to an organization or government entity with the explicit intent of securing funding for a business need or project. Grants can provide valuable resources for organizations to carry out projects or provide services they otherwise would not be able to. Obtaining grants can be very competitive often with multiple different entities competing for the same pool of grant funds. A lot of time and preparation is required to find grant opportunities, plan a project, and then develop a proposal and proceed with your application.

Grants can provide incredible opportunities to raise funding and give your non-profit venture a chance to grow and improve the lives of others. At WritePal Global, our goal is to give your goal a chance to improve the lives of others, that’s why we offer to help with grant applications and give you the best chance of being granted funding to support your operations.

Landlord Business Plan

A rental property business is a great way to earn a passive income. It can help you improve your finances if done correctly.A rental property/landlord business plan can help you set clear goals, create a well-defined business model, and devise strategies that work. It will also assist you with navigating smoothly through roadblocks and help you avoid costly business mistakes. A business plan also will help you explain and propose your ideas to your business associates, collaborators and investors and help you navigate obstacles through using thorough analysis and strategic planning.

Some common sections that you may see in a landlord or rental property business plan include a business overview, property overview, customer focus, management team, success factors, financial highlights, rental company or landlord history/background, industry analysis, customer analysis, market analysis, competitive analysis and advantages, marketing plan, pricing, operations plan, financial plan and projections.

How WritePal GlobalBusiness Plan Writers

Create an Effective Business Plan

WritePal Global business plan writersoften utilize components of the following business plan writing process as a guideline when creating your business plan, customizing it to meet your specific requirements. Using the details and any supporting information you provide when placing an order with our business plan consultants, we will work through the process and consult you with any questions or requests for more information as the business plan writers commence with the project.

Create a one-page plan.

A concise, targetedand brief document that is very simple to update and expand upon should be used to outline all of theimportant business details. You may even discover that it is all you require to manage your business.

Put together an executive summary.

Business plan consultants will create a succinct and persuasive introduction to your business. Investors, staff, and anybody else reading the business plan will often consult this section first and maybe exclusively.

Describe the goods and services you offer.

Here, you should explain what you are selling or proposing and how it benefits your target market. Any other information, such as initial traction or patents, should further highlight how unique your product or service is.

Document the market analysis.

You'll need to spend some time gathering data about your clients while drafting a business plan. The challenging element is using all of that information to create an informed profile of your target market.

Show that you are knowledgeable of your competition.

In your business plan, you should demonstrate that you are aware of your competitors and how you stack up against them.

Describe your sales and marketing strategy.

Describe your sales strategy, how you want to connect with and convert potential clients, and the marketing tactics you intend to employ to achieve company success.

Give a summary of your business's operations.

It's crucial to discuss the particular structure and day-to-day activities of your company. This includes your physical location, marketing initiatives, distribution efforts, business relationships, and everything else that keeps you operating.

Monitormetrics and milestones.

Though it's not necessary, it may prove helpful to map out important business milestones and the indicators you'll be monitoring along the way.

Describe your business and your team.

By writing a company description that includes a summary of your history, management team, potential new employees, and legal structure, you may explore the human element of your enterprise.

Create a budget and start forecasting.

Making a financial forecast and budget equips you with the financial accounts and projections required to define objectives and look for loans and investments for your business.

Include supporting data in an appendix.

An area for supplemental statistics, data, or other information that supports your idea or just does not belong into any other section.

Why Choose our Business Plan Writing Services?

Why choose a business plan writer from WritePal Global to write your business plan? There are a multitude of reasons. We have a wide variety of writing specialists with varying professional and educational backgrounds ready at a moment’s notice to assist with all your business plan writing needs. Our prices are very affordable and competitive! Using a business plan writer from WritePal Global guarantees top quality work at affordable prices completed by your specific deadline.Our business plan writershave the ability to deliver the exact formatting, grammar, style, and structure you expect and can work with you to meet any specific requests or edits you may have throughout the course of the project.


Everyone has deadlines, and most of them are not negotiable, therefore delivering the work on time is essential to maintaining the greatest degree of professionalism. Your order will always be delivered promptly by our business plan writers.

Security and Privacy

It is essential to ensure the privacy of our customers' personal information. Total confidentialityis our top adheres to strict regulations to safeguard your identity. Your personal financial information is always safe and secure thanks to the high level of protection provided by our online payment system.


We have no hidden fees or costs. All orders created by our business plan writers are guaranteed to receive favorable feedback and be delivered by the deadline. Our business plan fees range from $50 per page for a basic plan to $65 per page for a graphical plan.

Ready fora WritePal Global Business Plan

Writer to Write Your Business Plan for You?

If all this sounds good to you and you are ready to have one of our business plan writersget started on your business plan, simply click the Schedule a Consultation button on our website, get started!Additionally, you can reach out via phone (214) 764-9900 in the US or (604) 694-0306 in Canada or submit a message directly on our Contact Us page.

What Happens Next?

After scheduling, you will have your free consultation with one of our business plan consultants in which we will collect background information on your business plan needs. From this information, we will generate and provide a project proposal that will cover our approach to the business plan and how to get your business or project funded. If you agree with the proposal, WritePal Global will then request a 50% deposit, and then continue to work with you on the research and information gathering for your project.

We then assign one of our accountants, market analysts, and project leads, who discuss your plan and come up with any remaining questions. We then complete the financials, followed by general information, and then we complete the market analysis. If you order a graphical plan, it will then go through our graphic designer. The writing process typically takes about 2 weeks and will include weekly progress reports from your business plan writer or consultant. You will then receive the initial draft of your plan to review and provide feedback on. Finally, we will make any requested edits and additions and send you the updated final version, at which time, the remaining balance of your payment will be due. Your business plan consultant or writer will be available throughout the process for additional questions.

After our business plan writers create your business plan, you can submit it to any stakeholders that need to reviewit. You can work with your bank and ask how to apply for a loan. Any investors can also be contacted with the business plan to help in them deciding whether to fund your company. We may even be able to help kickstart these activities or put you in touch with our network of contacts!

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