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Are you looking for a business plan and grant writer who can convey your business to potential investors in a clear and concise way? At the same time, are you needing someone with the accounting expertise to create exceptional financial statements with colorful charts that provide a sharp snapshot of your organization?

WritePal Global LLC is a professional business plan writing company that recruits the top business minds from throughout the country. They include accountants, market researchers (mainly for projections), and an award-winning writer who spearheads every project. We will write you a business plan that impresses bankers and venture capitalists. We also write government grant proposals.

Business plans can cost a lot of money, but we offer extremely competitive rates, simply because we need to price our services better than the competition. We know you are likely looking for a Fortune 500-type business plan, but aren’t willing to pay the heavy price tag that come along with those. Who can blame you? Of course, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality just to have a big name write your business plan. We are a small company, but we have big aspirations, just like you!

We never compromise on quality. In an average month, we help secure in excess of $1 million in funding.

1. Consultation

We discussion your business with you to get an idea of the type of business plan you need.

2. Recommended Sections

Based on the information you provided, we recommend the sections for your plan.

3. Deposit

You pay for half the total so that we can get started with the grind work.

4. Q&A

After reviewing all info, we consult with you about any remaining questions.

5. Writing

We write your business plan. (Most plans take 12-14 days to complete.)

6. Final Payment

Once you think your plan looks amazing, you make payment for the final half.

Regina Mackay

- Tiny Hugs (Nanny Agency)

The business plan I received was more than I expected. The whole look was amazing and got me funded.

Shayne Miller

- Lawn a Jiffy (Lawncare)

The whole process was smooth, communication was great, and the price was reasonable. Full service stop.

Maggie Silvestre

- Wings Army (Restaurant)

I love how they have a person on their team for each of the required elements. They even helped me find funding.

Business Plans 

Every Skill Needed for Your One-Stop Shop
Team consists of an award-winning writer who overseas each project. A market researcher makes the projections. Our accountant crunches the numbers. Finally, our graphic designer provides the incredible aesthetics.

Pitch Decks

Venture Capitalists Love Our Pitch Decks
You won't really need a pitch deck for bank loans, but they are highly recommended for venture capitalists. VCs want to quickly get a taste of your business before moving on to the nitty-gritty.


For Clients with a Killer Idea
We've compiled a large database of venture capitalists and bankers who are eager to invest in businesses that have a lot of promise. You don't pay anything unless we secure funding.







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